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Hon. Adeke Anna Ebaju, age 25, nationality Ugandan.

Becoming a leader of Parliament

I decided to compete for a parliamentary seat to represent youth in Uganda in November 2015.  By March 2015, I was elected to represent youths in the 10th Parliament of the Republic of Uganda as the National Female Youth MP.

Stepping stones to Parliament

I held several leadership positions in the Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) Party before being elected as a member of Parliament.  I also have a Bachelor of Laws degree and during my time at the university, I served as a member of the University Council.  I graduated on the Dean’s list with a second class upper degree from Makerere University in January 2015.  A few months later, I entered Parliament.

Social passion

I have a love for social justice and equality.  It is why I joined the Parliament.  This is a crucial time for youth and for a young leader, like myself, it is a sacrifice worthwhile.  I am passionate about gender inequality and believe that no progress, whatsoever, can be achieved until gender inequality is phased out in many countries and particularly in Uganda.

Modeling for Byron Lars Beauty Mark

This is an honor and dreamlike.  I am so grateful and had a wonderful time during the shoot.  All my sisters were excited to see me wearing makeup and fancy clothes.

Balancing life

My faith and being a devout Catholic had instilled discipline and humility in me.   My family and extended family of friends also keep me balanced.

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